What it Takes is the social word and number game that mixes the most enjoyable elements of Countdown and Scrabble, and allows you to earn experience points, badges and titles!
Play What it Takes Free on iPhone and iPad! Play a random opponent, search by username, or invite Facebook friends!
Play What it Takes Premium and earn experience points, badges, titles, and have full access to your personal profile!!

Play your friends! Play your family! Play your pet gerbil!

Show them all that you have What it Takes!

3 Round Types!

Make words for points in our Words Rounds, reach a target number in our Numbers Rounds, and solve a 7 letter anagram in our Conundrum round!

XP, Badges, Levels!

Earn experience points for doing well in games. Earn experience points to Level Up, get new Badges and get new Titles!

Personal Profiles!

Your statistics, top scores and challenges are recorded in your profile. View other people's profiles to compare and see who's best!